Our Process


Our Team works closely with the landowner to help understand evolving market trends, recognize key competitors, work out the project feasibility, financial viability, identify sources of funding and establish a viable and custom-fit strategy for executing the project.

    • Market survey
    • Competition analysis
    • Technical feasibility
    • Financial Feasibility
    • Best Use and Monetization study
    • Funding Strategy
    • Project Strategy


After a resonating evaluation of your premise and after planning a competent execution strategy of your project, we empower the asset owner in the decision making process in consultation with our in-house real estate pandits.

    • Project conceptualization and aesthetics
    • Project Design and Co-ordination
    • Appointing consultants and partners
    • Vendor selection, evaluation and appointment
    • Assisting in negotiations
    • Arranging funding for the projects
    • Obtaining government approvals, clearances and permissions
    • Product Development


After essential approvals and sound partners on board, we expedite the execution processes fostering a holistic support in each area of development from construction to marketing and even course correction until its fruitful completion.

    • Construction on-site
    • Financial Management
    • Scheduling, Costing and Budgeting
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Project Handover